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What is a cookie?

Cookies are pieces of information transferred to the User’s hard drive when using the site kolyadalaw.com. These pieces of information automatically identify the user’s browser on our server each time they interact with the kolyadalaw.com website.

Cookie technology allows you to improve the operation of the kolyadalaw.com website in order to maximize its use for the User. This technology is common to many websites and is necessary for the proper operation of certain features of the website or to provide you with online services (for example, booking a consultation, registering, or filling out a contact form on the site).

Use of third-party cookies (Google and Facebook)

We use third-party cookie services as set out below:

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We try to carefully select the services we advertise to the User and do so based on the pages the User has visited on our site.

The above third parties are completely independent and we do not control any of them.

How to opt out of the collection of cookies

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Booking consultation

During an online consultation, we will discuss your immigration issues and problems, as well as find ways to solve them.

The cost of the consultation is $150.

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